https://youtu.be/ge5SL13EsCU LEAVING TO is a point-of-view-shot from a three days visit in Drakei, in the west of Samos island. Far out, where the main road ends, and after a breathtaking trip along the most beautiful coastline of Samos, you will find a beautiful greek village with own character, very friendly people and a unique atmosphere. … Continue reading LEAVING TO // DRAKEI


  https://youtu.be/l4MMXz_7lSQ KARLOVASIPOTAMISAMOS - a colorful FILM NOIR exercise Visual impressions and some programmed beats on KARLOVASI, SAMOS Island, especially POTAMI - a place, where I prefer to wake up. Why FILM NOIR? Excusez moi, Nino Frank, but this one was inspired by the so named iMovie-Filter ...  HOW UNCOOL! SOUND & VISIONS by PALEBLUEICE.COM … Continue reading KARLOVASIPOTAMISAMOS FILM NOIR