This video was made mid of september 2018, and the little potami creek still had a lot of water after a longer no rain period. The video shows my walk all the way up from the Potami beach area to the bridge close to Tsourley and not far from Lekka. This time I went on through the creek some hundred meters, and saw a great part of this little rivers – I’ll be back next year! On my way back, I passed the little monastery until I reached the street above the bridge again. From there I took the way back along the western side of the creek through Tsourlei and after ca. 15 minutes walk I climbed down again to the beginning of my water walk. All in all a ca. 3 hours trip.


Veröffentlicht in SMI



colognewokeupcoffee traincgndus flightosmi . yesmycar . Kumaradei : herbsalad . Koutsi : raisins . Balos Beach : sea . Kampos : store . Drakei : walk . mousaka : sleep




TWO  wokeup in Drakei . sunset coffee . my unique apartment with drivebystorentertainment . omeleta with feta . Taverna Omonia

going east : mountain walk . great view on Megalo Seitani . wrongpanicwaydown panic rollingstonespanic back up & over the top . Drakei : ice coke . melting feet

THREE   another calm night in Drakei : wokeupcoffee painting yaourti metrio . art space Pythagorion exhibition : anatomy of political melancholy . Kumaradei : greekwurst . Ormos : swimming . Limnionas : white stoney beach . Drakei : painting chicken tired . dream : s.n. like a puppet made of dry leather facing death


FOUR   what nobody expected : it’s a friday . and it will stay a friday for about eighteen more hours . starts with heavy mosquito attack of one lone sucker . and coffee . another calm night . painting beaches . Potami : walking the waterfalls up to behind the little monastry near Tsourlei . underwater pictures . Hippy’s lunch . swimming . Karlovasi . xxx ice cream melting . missed ferry boat leaving to somewhere . Agia Kyriaki : walkaround in a hidden village . strange meeting beneath the cemetary . who was christophorus hardenbicker ? painted waterfalls . souvlaki κώμα



FIVE   woke up at 4:30 am . wasted thoughts . painted waterfalls . coffeecoffee painted waterfalls with less water . painted coffeefalls . should i start with painted pictures ? pain pictures ? pain peinture . two hour walk to the cliffs . night


SIX   28.1 gb free space 27.34 26.36  26.43 26.22 . the more you try, the more you get – but be patient . what kind of apple was that, eve ?  today’s program : beach what beach mountain what tavern ? The winner was Megalo Seitani including the chapel above i didn’t know yet . fast walk down real slomo up the pain hill back to Drakei . i am a wreck . 32.43 gb free space now . met a nederlands british couple at taverna omonoia who knew christophorus hardenbicker from Agia Kyriaki : people you get in contact with at the cemetary are not necessarily dead if they were really alive in their lifetime . he was a strong guy told me the british guy . he was early up every morning and went out for painting the light .

West Samos Island

SEVEN   windy morning . future o.s.t.  live music from food on wheels aka drivebystoremusic . founded the west samosian island . but i will not be king . shaved and shaped after a week made me look decades younger . a possibility of success that kinda sucks

went back again to Agia Kyriaki for making some photos . a woman replied my jassas with kind of a familiar accent . i asked her if she speaks german . i asked for the house where the artist lived until his death in april 2016 . she was his wife .  i saw some great pictures and an atelier that looked as if christophorus hardenbicker had left the building two days ago . that was a special kind of meeting with an artist who came into my life by reading names on a graveyard . with part of his work and a woman who remained in the life he left. what a story . atelier shot and painting above from hardenbicker.com

Lunch at John’s Sea Park in Limnionas . a short but impressive walk up to the mountains above limnionas bay . an even shorter walk through sleeping Kalithea

kerkis kalithea kindergarden

and finally the coolest trash metal cats of the island


SMI 3 Eight-1