The famous Potami Waterfalls, located close to Karlovasi on greek island Samos, are at first sight kind of dissapointing for many visitors – because they just take one look and do not see any real Niagara type of waterfall. But that's all right, folks! So for the real show and further special entertainment you have to walk through cold water.


Visit Drakei, far out, in the west of Samos. After a breathtaking trip along the most beautiful coastline of the island, you will find a calm greek village with own character and very friendly people. Enjoy the best food in town at the authentic greek taverna Omonia of Eleftheria and John Agelinas, right in front of the church. Here you get the typical greek food, 100 % homemade, and also a lot of daily specials.


Wie oft nimmt man in zwei Wochen ein Buch in die Hand? In zwei Wochen am Meer. Wie verändert ein Buch, das mich verändert, meine Wahrnehmung? Meine Erinnerung. Wie unbedeutend ist die Tatsache, dass dieses Buch polarisiert? Sind Meinungen? Anführungszeichen. Untergang. Belanglosigkeit. Debüt. Beachtlich. Ausdrucksstark. Großartig. Abführungszeichen. Ich war am Meer. Mit Ronja von Rönne: … Continue reading AM MEER