IBANEZ AS-200: Going To Brazil


Inside/Outside-Experte Scofield geht gerne mal vor die Tür oder, wie hier zu sehen, zur Bridge – ein Ausflugstipp von James Brown. Immer dabei: Johns Ibanez AS-200 mit Buchsenblech.

Ibanez AS-200 from 1982. John Scofield’s choice, long before he did not play his JSM Signature models ;-)
OK, John’s AS-200 is from 1981 and slightly modified, but more or less the same kind of guitar, like the one  in the following video.

The AS-200 is a classic made in Japan variation of the ES-335, with a bunch of Ibanez‘ own features: Antic Violin Finish, Tri-Sound-Switch, this one hast non original custom made pickups made in Germany, that sound a bit warmer than the original Super 58.

GEAR USED: Ibanez AS-200, Music Man 112 SixtyFive, DigiTech Trio+ and at least a little bit of Okko Twin Sonic Distortion and O-Squeeze Compressor by RD-Guitarworks