WORKING FOR MCA Me & my brother meting Lynyrd Skynyrd in their practice room nearby Jacksonville, Florida, end of december 1992. Gary Rossington and Ed King were very nice & in great talking mood. JJ Cale fans! Unfortunately I can't remember, what they signed for us ... R.I.P. Michael & Ed    

Wurst! Worst! Würstsaläd!

BEWARE OF WURSTSALAT!     Carla S. is a typical wurstsalad-addict: "Mammphh, mümmmphhh, deeeelizious!" She had 12 pounds of Wieners – this morning. On the left side you see the legendary LJ Eifel, who brought the wurstsalad to Cologne, Germany in late 1982. He made million$. What a great muthafukka! His next project is the … Continue reading Wurst! Worst! Würstsaläd!