VOLKER KRIEGEL’s 1978 Signature Acoustic Guitar by Ibanez

Legendary german jazz guitar player Volker Kriegel (*1943 +2003) was one of the greatest musicians of his time. A very unique sonic and visual artist who influenced and inspired a lot of younger instrumentalists. Here we have a short visual portrait of Volker Kriegel’s beautiful Ibanez acoustic guitar, built for him in October 1978 in Japan. A steelstring of modern design, with a piezo pickup in the bridge and Kriegel’s name engraved in the trussrod cover.

Eine Anmerkung zum folgenden Video, bevor die Musikerpolizei aktiv wird: Wer die Gitarre stimmt, ist natürlich klar im Vorteil: Die G-Saite ist etwas zu tief gestimmt …

Der große Miles Davis sagte zu dem Thema mal in einem Gespräch mit Jimi Hendrix: “So what?” 🎶😅🖕🏾

One thought on “VOLKER KRIEGEL’s 1978 Signature Acoustic Guitar by Ibanez

  1. Hi, what a great guitar! I saw Volker in “Subway” Cologne.
    Is it possible to buy this guitar?!
    Best regards


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